Questions To Ask Someone Who Is Grieving

Everyone grieves. It is a human emotion and when there is an irrevocable loss, there is nothing much one can do. It is at this time that a person’s friends and family come to their aid and help them cope up with the situation.

When your friend is grieving over a loss, their family is there is to support. As a friend you have a bigger responsibility than just giving them a hug and telling it will be ok. Friends have to help a person cheer up. The family is also affected by this loss and hence will be grieving. A friend can sport a smile and help a person cope up and come out of that situation.

Question And Answer Session

A round of funny questions with equally funny and unexpected answers can really cheer up a person. It is not just the questions directed at the affected party, but it is the questions to others and answers given by them too, that makes a person laugh.

A group of friends can get together and have this fun filled session. Here are a few Funny questions to play with your friends:

  1. Who was your first teacher crush and what was about them, which attracted you? (Ask your friends to give a detailed description and this can be a good entertainment for a few minutes)
  2. When was the first time you lied about something at home, to your teacher? What was the actual cause? (This can range from “my dog ate my homework to my uncle’s grandma passed away stories)
  3. When was the first time you got busted by your parents for doing something behind their back? Explain the entire scenario.
  4. Who was your boyfriend/ girlfriend in kindergarten and how is the relationship now?
  5. Which friend’s girlfriend/ boyfriend did you have a crush on?

These questions are light hearted, reveals a lot of embarrassing details that other friends can pull one’s leg about and can easily help your grieving friend forget the grief for a while and actually enjoy.