Squirrel Den: Easy Woodworking Project

Growing up with a father that is a builder I have learned the satisfaction of building something for myself. I hear some people say I could never build that, but they are wrong; all anyone really needs is some practice and teaching. I am a shining example of this. So I have done some research and found a very simple beginner project for you to get started.

Squirrel Den

You can use some scrap wood that is lying around for this project, but if you are going to be purchasing some wood for this project I would suggest using cedar it tends to last longer in the elements. Your wood should be 1inch thick. First you need to cut two pieces of wood the same size for the front and back 8 inches wide and 20 inches long. Cut a hole 3inches in diameter with the help of the best skil saw you can get, about 2 inches from the top of one of the sides. This will be the front of your squirrel den.

For the sides you will need to cut one side 6 inches wide by 20 inches long. For the second side cut a board 6 inches wide by 22 inches long. The longer side will be placed next to the tree.

Next you will be cutting the bottom of your squirrel den. Cut a 6 inch square (6inches wide, 6 inches long).

Last piece to cut is the roof. For this you will need to cut a board 10 inches wide by 14 inches long.

Nail your squirrel box together, but do not nail the roof on for this use hinges. By using hinges this will allow you to clean the den out every other year. This will help prevent the bottom from rotting.

You will need to drill 2 small holes in the front and back of your den to allow air into the box. You should drill 1 small hole into the bottom of the squirrel den to allow moisture to escape.

The last step before fastening the den to the tree is to water seal it. After drying place the den about 10 to 20 feet up the tree.

If you have trouble with this project, remember practice makes perfect. Never let your misfortune on a project stop you from trying again, learn from your mistakes and capitalize on them. I assure you the satisfaction of completing a project is well worth the time you invest into it. For this and more great projects visit www.woodworkersworkshop.com .

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